Blog2009 ≫ Good weekend of eating and drinking


Despite the previously mentioned car issues (now closer to being resolved, got the insurance certificate so I can get my tax), we had a great weekend. Had a chum visiting, so made the effort to go out, and drag another friend out too, which seems to be a bit of a rarity these days. Also, did not go to Canterbury at all all weekend, which is very strange.

Went for a cheeky couple of pints at The Famous Ship Inn, which was nice, then dinner at Escondido. Disappointed that they don't seem to be reinstating their full menu following the recent closure, but I guess you have to do what you have to do to stay afloat these days. Went in Gate 28 after dinner, just out of morbid curiosity really. I was never a fan of that place, and it still doesn't appeal. Hope it stay open long enough to find its footing.

Went for a walk on Sunday, just down to the bottom of the Old High Street and back really, doing a little bit of shopping on the way. Found out that The Earl Grey is closed, so while I was snapping that in it's present state for posterity I thought I'd go and have a look at The Thistle And Shamrock. I knew it was closed, heard it had been turned into a house, but it seems to be boarded up at the moment. Shame, it laid claim to be the oldest pub in Folkestone. Perhaps slightly tenuously, as the building it was last in was not in quite the same location as the building it was first in, but it was Folkestone's oldest licensed premises, dating from approximately 1525. You could see this on the sign that's still above the door, if you could zoom right in on the picture below:


Got an actual event later this week so I'm sure I will blog more. We're off to The Cure at the O2 on Thursday, I think I might have mentioned this once or twice... we will be trying to get a nice dinner on the way in so are probably going to miss all the support acts, but to be honest I've seen enough support acts in my time.

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