Blog2007 ≫ Motley Crue play Hammersmith

If it wasn't a Monday night, I might go to this, 11th June at Hammersmith Odeon, it's Motley Crue. In fact a Tuesday night wouldn't be good either, nor any day from Sunday back round to Friday again are out. If they move this gig to a Saturday, and it doesn't sell out and I can get downstairs tickets, then I would go. As one last request, if it could be moved to Folkestone, that would be fab.

Bizarrely I'm about to become a shareholder in Hammersmith Apollo, as a company I have shares in1, from a long way back when I traded popex away has just bought it, and Kentish Town Forum too. How much sway do you think my shareholding gets me, in terms of getting the date moved?

Misty this morning, but it's going to be a hot hot hot weekend. Haven't done much this week except watch TV, but yesterday I made an experimental cassoulet that was good, and we watched It's Not Easy Being Green2 and caught up on House again. The green show has very annoying people on it, excitable and loaded new agers, hmm... Tonight we're off to Keppel's, mostly because there's a fancy dress murder mystery dinner going on in The Grand upstairs, and we want to see the standard of the dressing up. Then Saturday, out and about again including lunch in The Whole World Cafe on The Old High Street, hopefully. It opened last weekend, but each time we've been along they've been not quite officially open, fingers crossed for Saturday as it looks really nice.

Sunday, we're off to Twickenham, which will be ace also!

Weekends are good.

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