Blog2005 ≫ No weekend plans

Working from home again yesterday worked out well I think, though no actual results to show so far. Getting into Class::DBI, I like it, and might start to use it in other things I do... Here's a handy guide to using Class::DBI1.

Heading to Folkestone today, but on my own! What will I do without Clare to chivvy me along? I feel a very unproductive weekend coming... main thing to do is sort out carpetting, so a man's coming round to measure up. So that means I have to sit in and wait, so basically I can't do much but just sit about. A dream weekend! Also got to check out the fireplace... not heard back from Country Warmth yet, but it should be all finished, which means I have to pay them the remaining wedge, and also sort out the taking down of the scaffolding, more expense... The blind people have been round to fit the other set of blinds during the week, so my other task is to sort of have a look at them. Man this sounds tiring.

Last night had a nice curry in the Punjab2, and a few drinks in The Phoenix. Normally I don't like the Phoenix, but last night it was alright, if very busy. It's not a bad celeb spotting hangout, but last night no-one but Mark Frith, and he's not even a real celeb. No draft ales in there, but they had bottles of Bombardier, NICE ONE!

I have no plans for drinking or going out yet, which is a bit worry. Maybe I'll try somewhere new on my own, or maybe I'll go wild and crazy and go to the library (I want to check out some local history stuff) or go on a long walk to the East side of town...

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