Blog2009 ≫ Day two. Would the boy please come to the diary room...

Not a good night's sleep, ah well

Not such a great night's sleep, but apart from that everything going well. He cries like crazy when he's being changed, probably the sudden change of temperature or maybe I'm using the wrong kind of staples on the nappy. He wouldn't sleep in his basket (moses, rather than dog) for more than five or ten minutes last night, just cried. He's not got the idea of a dummy yet, think he was just a bit lonely when he couldn't feel mummy and daddy right next to him. So, after about three hours of getting up every ten minutes to pacify him, we put him in the bed, and he slept like, well, like a baby would sleep if he slept better than this one.

Midwife here now checking up on Clare so I am hiding in the other room. Should be catching up on some sleep while I can, I am going to meet the other dads from the NCT classes tonight. Abandoning my new baby on just his third day! Clare's mum is coming round to sit with her, I will just be at the British Lion for an hour or so. OK, maybe just one more, then I really have to go.

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