Blog2004 ≫ The best day of the week?

According to the weather forecast this will be the best day of the week. And it's horrible, that's why I'm messing about on the computer and not getting ready to go to our new office in Farringdon... Actually with it being closer and me not having a key or security code, it doesn't make sense for me to go in early. Plenty to do when I get there though, maybe just one more cup of tea...

Ace weekend, a good combo of boozing and snoozing and eating plenty. I celebrated removing a kitchen cupboard so that our new fridge would fit in, quite pleased with that, makes the kitchen bigger and nearly complete, so I celebrated by having two fried breakfasts and a curry. The fry-ups were cooked in the Trangia1, which I've not used for years, so it's nice to bring it out of semi retirement. Cooked on the hob, but using the trangia pans, not crouched over a burning pot of meths like a mad tramp. Slightly overdid things on Friday night, resulting in much spewing, like one of those Olson twins2 I was. Paid myself back by trying to do do all the things Clare would remind me to do if she was there, like eat fruit and healthy things. Then undid the good work with a night out in The Guildhall... also sure we saw Jo Brand in the New Delhi, though it doesn't seem likely.

Glad to discover that Beer Festival is back on for next weekend so I hope to be there every day of the bank holiday... we'll see.

Folkestone property prices are surely not falling now, the flat next door to us has sold after being marketed for about a month, the one the same size as ours is still available. If I had the money I'd like to buy it and knock through, make a super flat...

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