Blog2018 ≫ Another belting day today

Yesterday was good, but HOT. We went to the Sandcastle competition at Sunny Sands and picked out the first two places. Just in the wrong order. Went for lunch, of which more later, and then split into two parts. The boys and I went home to watch the Red Arrows from the balcony and Clare went with her dad to watch it from The Leas. Was a good display in the end, and was focussed on where they were standing, so there are some good photos going around. I have some bad photos and video from home but was nice to be stood there with the other neighbours on their balconies too.

We have a new quiz to watch - Impossible - while Pointless is off air. It's not as good but it's quite good and the boys like it.

Then watched Hidden, Welsh crime drama, really good, we're on part seven of eight.

Weather yesterday afternoon got a bit greyer and cooler but today is another absolute blinder.

Am WFH today, Clare is taking the Peugeot to the dealers for its service, could be a pricey one. Then the boys are going on visits to friends.

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