FG ≫ 2004 ≫ Chambers Beer Festival

Folkestone's finest boozatorium, The Chambers is holding an "Easter Ales Festival" over the Easter weekend (Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th April). They're planning to offer eight guest real ales, four guest ciders, and live jazz and blues every evening.

The beers will be Smiles' April Fuel, O'Hanlons' Yellow Hammer, Orkney Brewery's Dragonhead Stout, Crouch Vale's Crouch Best, Brains' SA, Uley's Pigs Ear, Badger's IPA, Hopback's Summer Lightning, Black Sheep Best, Hook Norton's Old Hooky, Ringwood's Old Thumper, and Hopdaemon's Incubus. Ciders will be Moles' Black Rat, Thatchers' Cheddar Valley, Weston's Old Rosie, and the truly death defying Biddenden's Dry... See you there!

💬 Chambers Beer Festival

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