Blog2024 ≫ Febrewery 16/13

A rare Tuesday trip to the pub. My friend Sean had come back from travels and wouldn't be around at the weekend so we met up in The Clarendon. We made plans to go and see AC/DC this summer. First we were planning London, they're playing Wembley Stadium and have announced two dates so far. But no-one likes Wembley and we could not get a reasonably price hotel there so now we are pivoting to Belgium. It will actually work out cheaper over all, honest.

After the pub we went for a delicious curry at Green Spice in Sandgate, another rare treat for midweek.

So my Febrewery list so far:

  1. The Potting Shed1, Hythe.
  2. The Bouverie Tap, Folkestone.
  3. The Radnor Arms, Folkestone.
  4. The Chambers, Folkestone.
  5. The British Lion, Folkestone.
  6. The Ship, Folkestone2.
  7. Blackmarket, Folkestone.
  8. Kipps' Alehouse, Folkestone.
  9. The Samuel Peto 3, Folkestone.
  10. Harvey's, Folkestone.
  11. The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross, London.
  12. The Nailbox, Folkestone.
  13. The Ship, Sandgate.
  14. The Just Reproach1, Deal.
  15. The Sir Norman Wisdom 3, Deal.
  16. The Clarendon, Sandgate.

There was some free energy last night too4, I timed the tumble dryer to come on for it but didn't make the best use really..

Ooh pleasingly round gigiversary today, thirty years ago today in 1994 I saw Elastica and The 60ft Dolls down the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. I remember it was snowing that day too. No snow here but bad weather last night and bad weather all day today too. Happy Valentines Day.

Light rain and a moderate breeze, 10 - 13℃.

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