Blog2024 ≫ Febrewery 22/18

Good day, even though we went to Ashford. First to Pizza Express, and it was good. I had the funghi di bosco. If I remember to stay away from the fake meat then Pizza Hut is good. Quite a flying visit this time, all done quite quickly, as we were going to the cinema.

I say "we" were going to the cinema, they were going to the cinema to see Migration, and I planned to go to a pub while they were in there. As the food was over so quickly we had loads of time so went in Low Key Tap Room, which was reallly good. Good range of craft beer, games, events, and good looking food. I hope we return.

Next they went to the cinema and I walked to The Riverside Inn. Was not worth the trip, bit disappointing. But that means time to take in another pub as the film is not over. So I walked to The Locomotive, in an area I am not familiar with. A very good family friendly pub with a bit of a sports theme. I had a pint of Harveys real ale and it was quite good, and watched some football. Then back to meet the family after the film, and now home for leftover Chinese and Gladiators on TV.

So my Febrewery list so far:

  1. The Potting Shed1, Hythe.
  2. The Bouverie Tap, Folkestone.
  3. The Radnor Arms, Folkestone.
  4. The Chambers, Folkestone.
  5. The British Lion, Folkestone.
  6. The Ship, Folkestone2.
  7. Blackmarket, Folkestone.
  8. Kipps' Alehouse, Folkestone.
  9. The Samuel Peto 3, Folkestone.
  10. Harvey's, Folkestone.
  11. The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross, London.
  12. The Nailbox, Folkestone.
  13. The Ship, Sandgate.
  14. The Just Reproach1, Deal.
  15. The Sir Norman Wisdom 3, Deal.
  16. The Clarendon, Sandgate.
  17. Docker, Sandgate.
  18. The Hope, Hythe.
  19. The Bell, Hythe.
  20. Low Key Tap Room, Ashford.
  21. The Riverside Inn, Ashford.
  22. The Locomotive, Ashford.
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