Blog2008 ≫ New Cross Murder Map!

Just in case you're wondering how close the double murder and firebombing1 was from my old flat (even though I left there years ago), I just knocked this up for Mum and Dad, to give them a bit of a point of reference.

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Isn't google maps just brilliant? Doing more on the "my maps" bit of it now too, I might stop hosting my own maps altogether, maybe that's google's plan, so we all just hand our data over to them.

There's something WEIRD going on with that murder, it sounds like it must be a case of horrendous mistaken identity, I am morbidly intrigued to find out. It is sounding a bit like a Christopher Brookmyre book3, do you think they were really spies, or were planning on selling some kind of bio-secret to an evil genius superpower?

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