Blog2009 ≫ Due day plus SIX

Wondered if I would wake up, and the baby just be here. But no.

These extra days are rattling along a bit fast now, the big event must surely be any minute. Every day in the few fuzzy seconds between dreaming (last night that I'd sold lots of our stuff, can't remember what now) and being awake I have a little thought about the baby having been born overnight and Clare not wanting to wake me.

Not sure what to do today, something outdoors as it's a corker of a day, but also something not too far from the flat and / or the car in case things start to fall into place.

Started talking yesterday about the sort of unthinkable. What if we didn't move to Canterbury? I haven't started looking again yet, but Clare has been online. As we first started looking in Canterbury before we were even expecting, our requirements and standards were different. Now we really start to look, taking into account things like catchment areas of primary schools and things, Canterbury would have to be more of a compromise than it first seemed. If we sold the flat too, it would make a difference, but not masses in the current climate, and again that's another big shift in plans.

We're in the good bit of Folkestone (what, you didn't know there was a good bit of Folkestone?) in the catchment area of an outstanding primary school. Apparently, anyway. Clare has been learning these things from friends at NCT baby club.

Anyway, something new to think about while we wait for baby to arrive. Why do I seem to be figuring these things out ten years later than everyone else?

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