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So, a man has been arrested in connection with the Ipswich murders, and BBC have him on tape. I was saying to the wife when it transpired that the BBC had one of the victims on tape that I just BET they're interviewing everyone in town just on the off chance that they manage to get someone else who later becomes a victim. It didn't occur to me that they might end up interviewing a suspect, a bit obvious really. In crime dramas the killer always comes forward seeming to help the police...

Weekend, yes, lovely, we have been to Bruges with Mum and Dad, yesterday and had a great meal in Escondido on Saturday, and went out to see The Dirty Pretty Things on Friday too. That was alright, though we left part way through. I was half expecting us to be the oldest people in the place, but arriving a bit late, and heading straight to the bar, the place seemed to be full of elderly types like myself. I guess all the youths were pinned to the barriers at the front. We also called in to Chambers for the first time in a while, and had a nice time, and decided to get tickets for there for new years eve. So see you there.

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