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I don't use iTunes myself, but I'm sure I will when I have a bigger setup and can sync everything... at the moment I move stuff to the IPOD and then delete it from the PC as I don't have a lot of storage... Anyway, it seems that iTunes has pulled the ability to copy tracks back from your IPOD to your computer in the latest version... so here's info on how to restore this handy functionality, thanks to

Big step this, me getting a new computer, the PC I have has lasted through three houses and six years, though it's been upgraded a bit... Going to get just another cheap one, but one that I can expand again, I want a lot of storage, on the network, to use it as some kind of media server... I'm bound to have some aggro with shifting things over from one computer to another, as Dad is having right now with his new computer...

Think I'll keep my copy of Anapod just in case too...

MM, anyway, last night, went for a drink in the Ten Bells and then for a curry on Brick Lane... very nice, though they kept us waiting too long... Not sure how our friend Weston Super(Night)mare would have coped, there would have been some arses seriously kicked and a storming out again no doubt.

💬 media server / new computer

💬 2217

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