Blog2007 ≫ Weekend good

What I done on my weekend

The rugby was obviously attrocious, what a poor start to the weekend, but hey at least it was the weekend from that point onwards. As usual we headed to Canterbury, Clare on a slightly earlier bus than me so she could do some shopping, then Wagamamas for the traditional Saturday luncheon. Clare carried on with her shopping after lunch, and it didn't feel right to go into The Dolphin without her, so I picked up a new free local paper1 and headed into Simple Simon's and sat in the garden there. When the wife was FINALLY done buying all the clothes in town we went for a cheeky one in The Hobgoblin, and then home in time to go out again, to a few select nightspots of Folkestone, which were OK but nothing special.

Sunday, shop, clean, cook, eat, telly.

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