I'm not going in Folkestone Costa coffee again

FG ≫ 2010 ≫ I'm not going in Folkestone Costa coffee again

All I wanted was a spare paper cup...

Today I finished my coffee at Costa, and asked for a takeaway paper cup, as I knew it would entertain my baby son all the way home. I was refused, and looked at as if I had asked for the contents of the safe or something. I think I just caught a bad member of staff (possibly a manager, possibly called Katie) who said no, they're not allowed to even use them for water, I certainly couldn't have one for my son to play with.

I can only guess the lady serving did not know I'd already bought a coffee, and thought I was a tramp off the street looking for free stuff, but still not good service.

I would not normally go in Costa in Folkestone, though I do like to vary my coffee stops. I probably won't again now. Go to Googies or Chambers instead, good coffee, free biscuit, and cheaper, and supporting genuinely local businesses.

I feel bad for ever going in Costa in the first place now.

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