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Remote controlled plane + video camera = DA BOMB

This is great, just saw it on popbitch1, a video camera fitted to a remote controlled plane and some excellent flying skills:

Countdown, twenty four hours and we'll be at the gig. I would say we'll be at our annual gig, but I'm going to TWO (count 'em) this year, off to Goldie Lookin' Chain in a few weeks too. It's all go, it's like my London glory days...

I like to check out this page on last.fm2 to see if there are updates regarding the gig, and I learned from there that nme's ticket shop3 has gone into liquidation! People who bought tickets from the recommended link (that I guess NME were making a little extra commission on) had a panic last week. NME say4

NME.COM is extremely pleased to announce that Shockwaves NME Awards Big Gig ticket holders who bought their tickets through Trinity Street, a company that recently ceased trading, will have their original tickets despatched to them on Monday, by registered post.

I see lots of people saying their tickets still have not arrived, and I see others who have bought tickets from other sources. Not looking good. I have our tickets in my pocket now, if we're the only ones there I hope they'll let us upgrade from the nosebleed seats we have...

The actual awards ceremony is going on now, at Brixton Academy, this will also feature a live set by The Cure and Franz Ferdinand and others, that'd be the gig to be at... Supposedly it's being broadcast live on nme radio5. I went to it a few times, a long time ago, and we didn't have a full gig as part of the show, best thing I saw was Mark and Lard doing a song as part of their presenting...

UPDATE: found it online.

💬 The Cure / NME Big Gig

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