Blog2008 ≫ Today's walk around Canterbury

OK, not all walking, we got the bus to Canterbury, and the GPS kept the signal all the way as you can see... if you zoom in on Canterbury itself (which I'll try and do automatically I think) you can see where we walked. got some pictures to upload too, mostly snaps of the outside of houses and pubs and general things to help us decide which bits of Canterbury are good to live in and which bits are not.

[map centre=51.277273,1.080523 zoom=18]2008-01-12[/map]

We had a lovely lunch in Zizzi, as we had a voucher for a free bottle of wine there. Go where the free stuff is, that's my new year's resoluncheon.

Went to see a house, very nice, good location, but right on the main road with no front or back garden. The thing that troubled me most about it was quite petty; where would we put our bin? There was a tiny rear garden, but no external access to it, so are we meant to drag the bin through the house or what? The front of the house is right on a bus route, so there's no chance to leave it outside.

Maybe I shouldn't fixate on the bin.

Off to see more places next weekend, some in just the same area, some on other edges of Canterbury. Hey, while I'm here, would you like to rent my flat here in Folkestone? It's very nice. Will have to put it on the market as soon as we find a place that we like.

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