Next Lone Star Comedy (and an explanation of the last one)

FG ≫ 2006 ≫ Next Lone Star Comedy (and an explanation of the last one)


hope you are all well and have survived the ultimately depressing month of january. we had the busiest night for months at lone star last month, and i feel that we did people justice with a fantastic show, so i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!

apologies that the line-up was quite different to that advertised: matt welcome cancelled on the wednesday before the gig due to a double-booking (we were very lucky to procure a headline act to the fanastic standard of matt kirshen!) and colin owens (the open spot) pulled out at about 4.30pm on the day of the show - i was literally on the phone until the minute i arrived at the venue to try and persuade someone else to come down!

we've got a stonking line-up for you all this month, check this out!:

CHRIS LYNAM (chris appeared at the club last july, when the summer months dictated that our attendance was lower than usual. however, the noise of the laughter was so much that there could've been 400 people in the room that night (one guy literally fell out of his seat laughing). those who were there have been asking when he'll come back, so here he is! truly an experience not to be missed, and unlike anything you will ever see again - "wild clown in a class of his own" - THE TIMES)

CHRIS MCCAUSLAND (i first saw chris last year, and he blew the roof off the coventry club i was attending that night! he is almost effortlessly funny, and has been in the final of almost every competition going (including the channel 5/paramount comedy 'so you think you're funny?' in edinburgh) as well as being awarded the prestigious title of Jongleurs Best Newcomer 2004. "the new face of comedy in the UK" - ITN NEWS)

TOM BELL (having been a feature of the edinburgh comedy zone in 2004, and as part of a double-header show called 'the last show around' in edinburgh in 2005 - tom is probably a bit too good to be our open spot but, hey, sometimes we get lucky! he has a sublimely silly sense of humour, taking in tales of animals and pirates. he's also a regular contributor to bbc radio 1's 'the milk run' - "this man is a genius...pure anthropomorphic brilliance" - CHORTLE)

compere DAVE WARD (one of the uk's best comperes - he's been several times before and is always well received. he likes the club so much that he'll be returning more this year!)

all at THE LANTERNS, rendezvous street, FOLKESTONE SATURDAY 18TH FEBRUARY - 8pm doors for 8.30pm start 8 / 6 concessions ticket & table reservations (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR THIS SHOW - tickets have started to sell fast already) available from 07810864228

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