FG ≫ 2008 ≫ Caffe Uno - bit poor

I previously promised to write up a recent visit to Caffe Uno:

... the lunch not so. We did Caffe Uno, only because we'd like to have an informed opinion on everywhere, I really wasn't expecting much from it and it didn't disappoint.

It was Mother's Day, so everywhere was busy, including Caffe Uno, but they did manage to fit us in. Maybe this was a bad sign. Service was a bit wibbly, they were slightly unclear if we'd already had our orders taken or not, but we did order; hot bread and dips, arrabiata and courgette chips for me and a pizza for the good lady. There was no soap in the toilets, doubly essential when we're eating with our hands, the waitress said she'd inform the manager, but nothing was done by the time we had to eat, blee. "Luckily", they completely forgot to bring the bread so we didn't have to face up to our dirty dilemma, straight on to the mains. They were both a bit cold really and generally uninspiring, and the courgette chips were slimy and greasy.


It's not a big important review, but I thought I'd share. Coincidentally I heard from someone who visited Caffe Uno in Portsmouth and it was the best meal they'd had in ages. Caffe Uno is to be rebranded as a Chez Gerrard apparently, so I'm guessing this means a big change all round. I hope so.

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