Blog2010 ≫ A weekend off DIY

Boot fairs and shopping, and day dreaming about home automation.

Still went to Screwfix again this morning, returned the IR repeater that I bought by mistake, think I'm going to get something from instead. Do I get the basic starter pack though (still fifty quid) or delude myself that I'm going to automate the whole house and have the need to operate things via the internets and go for the commander matrix2?

Went to a boot fair this morning too, did not buy anything but The boy made some progress - he sat happily on the grass. Up to now he's been terrified of grass. He stood and tried to push the buggy too, he's closer to walking but still not there yet. I didn't walk until I was sixteen months, so The boy has a couple of weeks until he is officially lazier than me. He stood unaided for a good five seconds the other day, because he was cross and this distracted him.

The boy is sleeping, Clare is on the exercise bike, I am sitting thinking about little jobs to do. I've run out of low energy light bulbs to replace, can't think of any other quick jobs to do that do not involve drilling or hammering, which would wake The boy up. Off in to Folkestone in an hour, so I can't start painting or anything. I wonder if it's changed much?

We have new neighbours next door, they arrived last night and their removals van was there today. Not met them or seen them clearly yet, none of them looked particularly like Gary Glitter though. A headline in a local paper said "Gary Glitter mystery solved", though I've no idea what the story is. I imagine the police have asked the paper to stop spreading vigilante baiting rumours, though this in itself is another wild rumour, that I am spreading myself.

UPDATE: Just found I can pay by paypal, and I have some funds there from selling all Clare's stuff so I just bought this starter kit3 from

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