Blog2008 ≫ Another odd looking Bergerac Oak table

Here's another Bergerac Oak dining table1 with the same odd colouring as the other pieces I've seen on ebay recently... is this maybe an older colour that John Lewis2 used to do? Our bookcases3 are the mid coloured "Alsace" range, it's not that, but we do have a sideboard4 in the darker colour they do now, and it doesn't look like that either, strange...

Here's coffee table5, that does match our bookcases. You don't see many of these pieces come up, will be a bargain for someone if you can collect from Windsor.

When we got married we bought some [ebay=john lewis bergerac]Bergerac furniture from John Lewis[/ebay], two book cases, and I thought we'd eventually buy just this. It's very expensive, and a bit chunky, and now they discontinued it anyway. We bought a sideboard, that turned out to be a slightly different colour to the bookcases, ah well. I think we're better off with lighter furniture (lighter in colour, and in generallyless heavy feeling in sheer presence), but it's still lovely stuff. [ebay=john lewis bergerac]You might still get it here occasionally[/ebay].

Hmm, I've not had much to say recently that wasn't promoting products to buy have I? Sorry, will try harder. Added links to the sidebar over there -> (if you're reading the main blog page to things I've written on Folkestone Gerald now too.

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