Blog2004 ≫ A quarter of commuters have found love in the tube

according to a poll by London Underground. And who's printing this shite? Yes, Metro. What should the sharpest response be? The other 75% can never find love becuase they've gnawed off their genitals in sheer frustration at the poor service? Stuck at Liverpool Street this morning for ages with no explanations, but STILL, it's a nice day out, sort of hazy but bright at the same time.

Rocking Vicar has it's own forum now, it's at, seems to be slightly more formal than the master work at popbitch.com2, hopefully it can be farmed for mentions of vintage Folkestone gigs... I dug up appearances of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath and Cream yesterday, a poptastic historical biography is looming...

No wait, I've got a better one "25% of commuters could recreate the works of Shakespeare while waiting for the next tube to arrive, finding love is no problem". Right kids?

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