Folkestone book festival highlights at the Quarterhouse

FG ≫ 2011 ≫ Folkestone book festival highlights at the Quarterhouse

Folkestone Book Festival 2011

Our most popular and enduring festival returns from Friday 4 to Saturday 12 November. Once again we'll have a packed line-up of literary events and guests from the worlds of history, radio, television, music and comedy. Here are just a few snippets to whet the appetite.

6 November Mitch Benn & The Distractions Ode To Warrior Tour 2011/12

8pm, 10 / 8 Concession

Multi-award winner Mitch Benn and his band take to the road in a two hour show for music and comedy fans of all ages. Mitch's most recent single I'm Proud of the BBC was a massive hit both on and offline.

11 November - Robin Ince's Bad Book Club

8pm, 10 / 8 Concession

Is hideous prose and ghastly poetry more fabulous than great literature? Determined to find out, award-winning comedian Robin Ince has spent most of the 21st century rummaging through charity shops, jumble sales and even the odd skip.

12 November Book Festival Closing Night - 4 Poofs And A Piano: Smoke and Mirrorballs

8pm, 15 / 12.50 Friends of FBF

Following three sell out shows at the Edinburgh Festival, a successful UK tour and 9 glorious years as House Band for the BAFTA award winning Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC1, the fabulous foursome are raring to go and delighted to present their Edinburgh smash Smoke and Mirrorballs.

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