Blog2008 ≫ Psst, wanna buy a Tracey Emin?

A GREAT day around Folkestone today, it was the start of the Triennial and there was tonnes to see. Number one activity was hunting down the Tracey Emin's before they got stolen. She'd cast several bronze sculptures of abandoned baby clothes that she'd found in the street (actually had been given, my bad), and then redistributed the sculptures back in the kinds of places she'd found them. So there's one at the train station, a couple in the park by The Bayle, one down by the beach, and so on. As well as this, there are talking rocks along The Leas - big rocks by some of the benches that talk as you approach them, they read out love letters and things sent during the war, great. Also there were PIRATES and many other street entertainers.

Going to put together a Folkestone art map, in the meantime here's (hopefully) where we went today, and (when the pictures are all uploaded) what we saw.


Aha, I knew my new friends The Guardian would have come up with the goods. Ms Emin said to them:

I just hope they don't get vandalised or stolen. The young people of Folkestone should realise that the Triennial is going to bring in people and money which must be a good thing

Stealing one never even occurred to me.

Oh yeah I saw Mark Wallinger on Rendezvous Street today, and someone who used to be in Hollyoaks down at the Harbour (Jambo's girlfriend from right at the beginning, the one who died). It was star studded. I expect all of these people were at the big party at the Harbour that we could see going on yesterday, but mysteriously did not get invited to.

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