Blog2005 ≫ Don't shoot!

It was raining when I left the house this morning, so I'm wearing a big coat, and it wasn't raining when I got to London, it was quite hot, so now I'm TERRIFIED I'll be shot for dressing suspiciously! What is going on there then? I hope there's more to come out of this story, it's not pleasant thinking that the police can just pick people off with little justification. I understand it was a hard decision to make, and if it'd turned out he was a bomber no-one would have thought "good job you didn't infringe his liberty there"... More from a Stockwell perspective1.

So, I had my second stag weekend. Actually it was Clare's hen do, she went to Amsterdam with Emma (happy birthday Emma), and I was left to fend for myself all weekend. Friday I went to The Coal Hole for a couple of pints with Ralph, whose birthday it is today also. Got home in time for Coast, as I had heard Folkestone would be featured on it. There was nothing about the town, only a brief featurette on pre-war listening devices that are on the outskirts of town. Should have watched Foyle's War instead... Saturday I snoozed quite late and then went to Great Chart pitch and putt with Clare's dad. Had an interesting first nine holes, then I ran out of balls so we decided to stop. It's a really nice place to go though, looking forward to my next visit and a bit of practice. Went to The White Lion in the evening, just for a look and it was a much better pub than we expected. We played pool table and saw a band soundchecking, but decided not to stick around and carried on drinking back at Dean's house. Not sure what time I was poured into a taxi... Yesterday I messed up my grocery shopping by being overdrawn, this never happens to me. I had to head back to the computer, sort out some funds, and then go back to Safeway again.

Late Sunday ofternoon Clare came back, very tired and pissed off at an awful journey back from the airport, stations closed, trains cancelled, many changes, and a collection from Ashford needed in the end. We watched The West Wing and much Frasier.

Congratulations to Stu and Alice on your impending nuptuals. Is it the year of weddings or what? Also congrats to cousin Trudy who is expecting, and a big QUACK-QUACK-OOPS to Dad, who made me think it was my sister who was in the family way, with his vague and wooly text message information.

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