Blog2003 ≫ Shepway Festival and Air Show

The air show was fantastic, I've not seen a Harrier Jumpjet before, it was spooky to see it stop dead in the air, fly backwards, turn around and do a little bow to the audience. Also saw Utterly Butterly wing walkers, a Tornado, Spitfires (not just the beers) and a classic car show and a place selling SHEDS. Can't wait to get a house with a garden so I can get a shed and fill it with home brew.

Had a train ride back that was also spooky, you don't notice how long the tunnels are just near Sevenoaks unless you're on a train with no lights, absolute pitch blackness. Clare spoiled my gag of moving seats in the darkness by being asleep and not noticing. All got kicked off at Grove Park because of the fault, so had to change trains, which made a bit of a long journey back. Got the bus from Old Street instead of from Angel though, not sure if it's quicker, it feels a more interesting journey though.


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