Tontine Street war memorial (for Tim Bryan)

FG ≫ 2007 ≫ Tontine Street war memorial (for Tim Bryan)

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heard that there is a memorial site in tontine street that used to be a pub, got bombed in wwII?? Apparently there's a plaque on this site. Is it the little triangle at the end where the road splits?? (heading uphill from the amusements, etc.)

At long last, a response to your post, though I doubt you'll be back to check now, sorry for the delay... I went down to the market at Folkestone Harbour today and had a look for the plaque:

Tontine Street memorial plaque

This shelter was erected in a shopping and residential area destroyed by bombing and shelling during the second world war 1939-45. The cost was met by a gift from the lord mayor of London's air raid distress fund and from sums given during the war by the peoople of New Zealand and local residents

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