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made a bit of a mess of the site on Saturday, just before I was due to head out for Mark1's birthday, typed "rm" instead of "vi", no backup of this file or anything... so had to try and recreate it from scratch. Luckily it's just config stuff, so puttting it back stopped the errors, but stuff still looks a bit funny... what will people checking out my technorati profile think?

Great weekend as ever, the aforementioned birthday drinks Saturday lunchtime, at the Marquis of Granby at the end of Charlotte Street, then a quick sprint to the station and a fast train down to Folkestone.

Missed all the moving, sorry again about that, just about found time for a chili in The Chambers, then headed off to The Slaughtered Lamb. I'm sorry, The Britannia, and then home. Sunday was a bit more productive, we checked out a potential wedding venue (no good though) and we managed to write off another one on seeing the price... I think lympnecastle.com2 is likely to be equally out of reach, but it looks ace.

Very pleased with the Engadget3 RSS feed, there's lots of actual content in it, unlike The Register and many others that only have links to stories... Hmm, actually I only have links and a short precis in my RSS feeds... Anyway, that was good to read on the train in this morning, nice train, got a table, bit slow though, stopping everywhere.

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