Blog2006 ≫ No pea soup for breakfast today

We've had crazy fog each day this week in Folkestone, but not today, it was lovely back and home and also nice here in London.

Didn't sleep on the train in today, I suspect it's because the wife wasn't there beside me, she's taken the luxury of a day off to [s]cook and clean[/s] go shopping.

Slashdot1 are having a CSS redesign competition. I'm not entering it, but it did prompt me to have a look at their source code and that and I'm trying out some conditional html2 to only show things like the You should be using firefox mate3 banner to people who're using IE. Just for a bit of geek fun. I'm also implementing a few more bbcode style tags. Don'tknow what I'm on about? This page on explains it4 this page on explains it, try [u]U[/u] [s]S[/s] [em]EM[/em] [i]I[/i] [strong]STRONG[/strong] [sub]SUB[/sub] [sup]SUP[/sup]), or google for bbcode5. It's a way of letting you style posts / responses on here without using html. I have been using a BBCode perl module6, but it's not quite right, so I'm writing my own...

Dang, I have to travel home on my own today too, and I don't have anything new to watch on the IPAQ.

UPDATE: all that bbcode nonsense is long gone of course, and you can't post replies here anyway.

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