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Went to the new Chinese restaurant / bar in Folkestone before the Darkness gig (my Darkness review is up now), and it's not bad. It's a buffet style restaurant, so it's not really competing with the Hop Kweng, but it's much nicer than the other "all you can eat" type affair in town. The bar is smart looking well stocked, they even have Shepherd Neame's Master Brew on draught, but a little austere.

It's on the corner of Bouverie Road West and Castle Hill Avenue...

Opening hours (at the time of writing) are noon to 3.30pm and 5pm to 11pm Monday to Thursday, noon to 3.30pm and 5pm to 11.30pm Saturday and Sunday, and noon to 4.30pm and 5pm to 11pm Sunday... is it really worth shutting for that half-hour gap? Maybe it's a misprint... 4.90 up to 12.90 depending what day / time you go for all you can eat. Good vege selection by the looks.

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