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I completely failed to give blood, that's three times I've been to the place where the blood drive is, and three times now I've got some detail or other wrong. First time, I'm sure they were open Tuesday and Wednesday, but I was wrong so I came back. Then I was sure they were open morning and afternoon, but I was wrong, so I came back. Then I was SURE it was today, but I was wrong, it's next Wednesday. I think they're changing the huge sign on the front of the building, and that they don't want my blood. I will go back again...

Speaking of blood, we watched Dexter, the new US crime drama thing. It's ridiculous, Clare didn't like it at all, but I'm quite into it now. By day he's a forensic pathologist specialising in blood splatter patterns - by night, he's a SERIAL KILLER! But, he only kills people who deserve it, yeah? He's like a vigilante from any of the Glen A Larson1 TV shows of the '80s, but he goes several steps further than The A-Team ever did, you see him brutally murdering people. See the trailer, it sounds rubbish, and it is really, but I'm enjoying it...

It's based on a novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

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