Blog2007 ≫ Quiz action

Didn't go see the band in Hythe last night, did the quiz at The Grand instead. It's an easy one, so though we did quite well, we didn't do well enough. We dropped six questions out of 36, two on our vital joker round, so no meal for four prize for us.

I think that's the first local pub I've been in since the smoking ban came in, I was wondering how much business might suffer, but it seems to have had no effect there. They might be making a bit more of an effort to push the bar food, or it might be just coincidence that more people were eating, looked quite good anyway.

Off to Canterbury in a bit, and was planning to write up more of my holiday and go through the photos and video... however am being distracted a bit by new music, new to me anyway, just got the new Travis album The Boy With No Name, last year's Standing At The Edge Of Control by The Gossip, and also Eric Cartman's Sailing Away. I thought I used this song when I made my compilation CD for driving around the country on tour, but I messed up and picked something else, which we then had to listen to lots of times as I only brought one CD. Here's the tracklist anyway;

Aren't I just the best DJ?

Possibly some spare time to go through some holiday snaps before heading to Canterbury for lunch, mmm Wagamama...

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