Blog2006 ≫ Hot weekend

Nice weekend, hot weekend, I even got sunburnt, lawks! We went to The Kent Show1, and it was very nice. Lots of cool stuff there, like llamas and otters and birds and trucks and robots and Kaddy Lee-Preston and things, and I brought back some wine and spices and pickles. Very disappointed in the hot food takeaway side of things, it was dominated by a chain of disgusting overpriced burger vans2, so our lunch on the day was a let down. Still, apart from that, and a bit of losing people and frustrating hanging around, it was a great day.

Too hot to do anything else all weekend really.

Is it really going to get hotter this week? Was BOILING on leaving the house this morning, way down south where the air is cleaner and the grass is greener, but it seemed a bit cooler by the time we'd got up to London. Perhaps the smog is protecting us from the sun's rays in the early part of the day.

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