Blog2005 ≫ I aspire to a gold card, but I struggle to pay off my debts

What's your postcode saying behind your back1? Mine's not being very complementary at all:

Incomes are quite low. People have average educational qualifications. Their relatively routine jobs are in shops and offices, and there is some unemployment. With the elderly contributing to higher than average numbers of people with long term illnesses, these areas are beginning to experience some need for social services.

While the younger people aspire to gold cards, interactive TV and telephone banking, the reality is they have low limits on their credit cards, plan to pay off debts, and possibly need a loan. Their spending on food is low, and catalogue shopping helps them economise. Few people own a car, with those who do paying high insurance premiums. Most get about on foot, by bike, or public transport.

The pub is a relatively popular place for eating, either at lunch-time or in the evening. Leisure interests tend to be football and betting on the horses. At home they might unwind by listening to music or reading a novel. There is a keen interest in self-improvement and education.

Pah, this is what they said about Notting Hill! This could probably do with a bit of attention, "there is a keen interest in self-improvement and education" because there is a college and a language school at the end of the road. The pub thing is probably just profiling, but they could add in "they have to walk quite a long way to the pub, so their feet probably hurt", it is you know...

💬 hmmmmmm...............

💬 But I DON'T have satellite TV

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