Blog2011 ≫ BACK from Richard Herring

Brilliant gig, funny and clever. Not only got my How Not To Grow Up book signed, but got Richard Herring to cross his girlfriend's name out of the dedication at the beginning and write mine instead. Win! This does notmean that I am now his girlfriend or anything funny like that.

We dropped the boy off with granny mid afternoon and go tthe slow train up to London, as we were only going to the West End anyway. We headed straight for Pizza Express at Charing Cross but were TURNED AWAY! The guy on the door said the oven was broken, but it seemed very strange to me. I think there was a big special party in there or something like that. We tried a nearby Prezzo but there was a half hour wait for a table so headed round the corner to Pizza Express at Haymarket instead and walked straight in. Then straight in to the Leicester Square Theatre.

The show is really good, and it's coming to Folkestone Quarterhouse later in the year.

💬 Richard Herring, Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming

💬 Richard Herring's brief mention of the show we were at here

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