Blog2009 ≫ High Speed Rail Link services from Chartham to London

There will be... none. Chartham is not far from Canterbury, and the existing peak services will continue. It's not so important to us now, a village location would have its own benefits, but here's a round up1. Currently there's a choice of three trains in the morning going to London Bridge, which will reduce to two, number of trains to Charing Cross stays the same at four. Off peak services increase, to one an hour, seems there are just about NONE now.

Please note this information is intended to be a guide only. The December 2009 timetable is still under development and some information may change.

It's only five minutes from Chartham to Canterbury West, so if the timings of the trains are any good you might get into London quickly that way, otherwise it's the old route, same sort of speeds we have from Folkestone today...

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