Folkestone on TV

FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Folkestone on TV

During the August bank holiday, the last of the summer, BBC cameras followed the police in Southend-on-Sea and Dover and Folkestone as they tried to deal with drinkers who were determined to cause trouble and injury...

Forgot that Drunk and Dangerous was coming up on BBC1, otherwise I would have trailed it here... our beloved town, immortalised on a prime time documentary! Hmm... had heard in the Folkestone Herald that this had been filmed back in the summer. Wasn't just Folkestone, Dover and South End were also featured.

Didn't see anyone we know, none of our regular haunts were featured, and it seemed that at leaset some of the trouble makers were from out of town. Result! Were you in it?

💬 Drunk & Dangerous

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