Blog2018 ≫ Harbour Arm Sunday

It was nearly a nice day on Sunday so we headed to the Harbour Arm looking for food... Clare had heard that Dr Legumes was open, and so it was! It is more of a fancy menu sit down place, than the burger hatch they had before. We saw the sample menu and it looks great, but we were not intending to try and feed the kids there, and it was just too busy / popular for us to mess about with takeaway, so we'll try it again another day... We went along the Harbour Arm and each ate in different places, one got a burger from That Burger which looked good, one got kids sausage and chips from Not Just Ribz that looked less so and Clare and I both got food from Baba Ji.

From the people you brought you Coppers and the Holy Pundit, Baba Ji brings the flavours of Indian street food to the Harbour Arm.

We had Vada Pav, Medu vada, and a vege wrap and all were really good.

I went fully Harbour Arm and got some Docker sourdough on the way back too, though from Folkestone Wholefoods. Very tasty bread. I also got some Amarillo hot sauce from sauce shop, though I think that might be the thing that has given me a funny tummy today. It's pretty good though so I'm going to keep on eating it.

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