Blog2009 ≫ #uksnow CT20 4/10

oh, I already used that for my twitpic post...

[flickr][/flickr] Snow on the car this morning, not actually much in Folkestone, but there was plenty nearby. We were on our way to water babies in Ashford1 here, though got a call on the way to say it was cancelled because of the weather. So we went for a drive anyway to see how the snow was nearby... Roads were clear for us through Folkestone and Capel and on to Dover, but we faced humungous queues coming into Dover the other way. [flickr][/flickr] Poor people looked like they'd been stuck in their cars and lorries for a while, some had pillows out and everything. They must have been queueing for a ferry or something, as there was plenty of opportunity to turn around and come back into Dover the way we had come.

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