Blog2009 ≫ The Beiderbeck Collection

Why can't I find this to rent (or download)?

On the lookout for CRIME! Don't have to look too far for that living in Folkestone you'd think, but I mean on TV. We seem to have exhausted all the British detective show series we can get, we've done all the Morse, Frost, Marple, Dalziel and Pascoe etc we can find, can't think of any more to watch.

I remember this1, James Bolam and Barbara Flynn, just the sort of thing we'd like to watch now on a Sunday night. But it's not available to rent, bah, and quite expensive to buy1. Pay day this week though.

In THE BEIDERBECKE AFFAIR, Trevor and Jill are school teachers who enter a complex world of mysterious intrigue. THE BEIDERBECKE CONNECTION tells of more unlikely adventures of the two schoolteachers. THE BEIDERBECKE TAPES is another story of Trevor Chaplin and Jill Swinborne who enter a world of adventure as Trevor is offered some jazz tapes from the barman at his local pub. One of the tapes contains some alarming information and when they return to challenge the barman they find he has disappeared.

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