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Have seen BILLIONS of places down in Folkestone so far this week, the star of which has been a mad 3 bed flat over two levels1 which has it's own bar, roof terrace, separate dining room, lounge, TV room AND study, but the thing that's been stopping me is the price - 180k. That's too rich for me, and for the area, I would be putting all my eggs in the one basket, gambling everything I could afford on that flat. I'm sure the price wouldn't fall, but this one's been on the market for over 6 months with no offers made on it, possibly because it's just too cool... it's not suitable for old people (which Folkestone has an abundance of) or a family with small children because of all the stairs and no lifts, and it's not suitable for poor people, because it is really getting on for London prices... so I'm not happy about the gamble.

Luckily today we've seen a stunner on Earl's Avenue, which is smaller (only two beds) but still big enough (lounge and master bedroom are both 17' x 15', big enough for the pool table), and finished to a very high spec, solid wood floors2 and all double glazed already, a very solid investment I feel3, and at a significantly lower price... The location is slightly less posh, but still very good, in the West End, and about half way between Folkestone Central and Folkestone West, so better placed for whichever station becomes The Daddy when the High Speed Rail Link is in place... We timed the walk as being less than ten minutes, which will be important for commuting, we're hearing now that West is going to be the one, which makes sense as there is a lot more space around it to make a new super terminus.

The only things that're not ideal is that the living space is not very flexible, they're big solid rooms, so one room will be spare room and study combined, or something, there's no dividing it up really. Very high ceilings, lots of light and pleasant views to all aspects, and no evidence of spiders, which was a priority. It does have a couple of big walk in wardrobes, which while not as good as a third bedroom, they have potential to be a shower room and an indoor shed for me4!

Also happy to discover that I could get a brand new coin-slotted pub pool table for a grand, about half what I was expecting5...

Ah, what if Folkestone Harbour or the elusive Folkestone East are the stations to be redeveloped..?

20k: Twenty kilometres, just over twelve miles.

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