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So, as mentioned before our office party was Friday night, actually in our office, and it seems to have been a resounding success. We had to leave early to try and get to Fareham, but so great a time was had by all they had to turn the heating off, and it's not back on yet, so I am FREEZING.

Journey to Fareham wasn't as smooth as it might have been, last trains seem to be getting earlier, so we ended up getting a cab back from Southampton. GREAT weekend, though we probably ate too much. Took a trip out to Keydell Nurseries1 hoping to see santa with the nephews, no show, but they have a SERIOUS quantity of xmas house and garden decorations there... this grossly lighting up the front of your house seems to be a particularly popular thing in Hampshire, not seen much of it in London, wonder if we will in Folkestone... next tried a Santa's grotto Fareham, but too busy and couldn't get in, the kids didn't seem so disappointed though. One of them is down with tonsilitis right now, is it contagious or what?

Saturday night had a curry at Indian Palace2 in Port Solent3 and a few pints of Blakes Gosport Bitter4 in the Wetherspoons. I was born in Blakes, in Gosport, cool eh?

Smashing dinner Sunday, then came back to London heavily laden with gifts! Won't see the folks again before Christmas, hope they like their presents too...

Going to have a look at some more Javascript and favelets today, nice to see this programmer5 has dissected6 Google suggest, going to look at his source code7...

Did I say it was freezing in the office? It's cold here.

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I earn a wage.

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