Blog2005 ≫ Doctor Doctor please

I thought Doctor Who was great this week, a trip back in time to 1869 and Charles Dickens, as played by Simon Callow. We went to his one man show a few years back all about Dickens, funny to see that crossing over with the Doctor.

scifi.com1 says BBC has apologized to Christopher Eccleston2, for making public details of his plans. It also seems to confirm that a) he was planning to only do one series and b) I've been spelling Christopher Eccleston wrong, there's no E.

In other weekend news, Clare had a dress fitting in Whitstable and I tweaked the suits in Canterbury, so we missed the royal wedding and the grand national. Lunch in Nandos and beers in Chambers. So nice to have Sundays all to ourselves and not be stressing about getting back to London on the half four train. Been out of Stokey for a week now and not missing anything about the place, though it seems odd when the flatmate's not there... just in case she's reading this :-). Also been commuting for a week now, no troubles yet. Today's journey seemed quick (must have fallen asleep) and also the train was more crowded than usual. Good thing about getting on at Folkestone is we get the pick of the seats and always get a table. When it catches on as a commuter town this might change, oh no... Property prices do seem to have stalled in the area, though still don't see anything quite like ours for the price we paid for it. Did see a three bed flat for 84k though, hoping that's a misprint. It's right by Kentucky, but it still seems too cheap! Off to search for online details of that3, and also a property up for auction4 in the West End... Just window shopping though, this month's only purchase is more carpet.

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