Blog2008 ≫ Psst, wanna buy some Stereophonics tickets?

8th July, looks like it might be a warm up type thing, they don't have a big tour on the go. Get tickets here, this will sell out fast!

See you on ebay...

Man I hate the Stereophonics, what am I talking about? And I was one minute too late for the Folkestone Gerald mailout, so I've missed some commission there. If you are reading this in the future and you really want these tickets that I have, make me a good offer for them, or have a look on ebay.

Don't go to many gigs these days, and when I do, it's the Stereophonics. What has happened to me?

UPDATE: SOLD OUT ALREADY! [60 each on (/wiki/#ebay) make me an offer, and I'll throw in the 10'' vinyl box set of ebay]Performance and Cocktails if you're lucky...

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