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Things were shit yesterday, I met with some of the other freeholders, they were mostly nice, but the concensus is "NO, you cannot have a wooden floor in the flat". So not sure what to do now, I guess put in a lower offer to cover having to recarpet that flat, but that's a lot of hassle, and I might not like the flat as much then.

There's an old boy who lives downstairs from the flat I'm buying, he hardly spoke, but the woman below him spoke on his behalf (not sure he had a lot of choice in this) saying the flats are noisy already, this will just make it noisier. When the seller's solicitor spoke to him though, he said it had got quieter since this new floor had been put in, so hard to tell who is trying it on here.

So, it's cost a fortune already, it's still going to cost a fortune whether I pull out or not. My solicitor has offered the option of making an official complaint about how the flat was misrepresented as being very quiet, solid, and there had been no problems or disputes with the neighbours, when there are noise concerns that should probably have been mentioned. Then they'll have to declare this when they try to sell it to someone else, but this will just cost me, and not help me, though it'll really piss off the woman selling it.

Anyone know how much carpet costs? How much do I adjust my offer by? I get the feeling the seller will just put the flat back on the market, though I hope her estate agent will point out that the neighbours will be onto any new purchaser in much the same way.

On a more positive note, for tea last night, Clare found vegan-friendly rhubarb crumble and ice cream, it was very nice. Also you can stick your Glastonbury up your arse this year, I am going to the London Fleadh instead, the lineup is announce on Monday... It's the weekend of Mum's birthday, I will have to sort something out.

Hello to new readers, sorry this ongoing stuff is boring, but it's important to me, and it's my vanity website.

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