Blog2005 ≫ Flooding in Portchester

No-one told me about this! Fareham shopping centre closed, oh dear.

Lazyish day today, been shopping to get ingredients for tomorrow's house barbecue. We've not met all the people who live in the building, but we're all having a barbie together. Our job is to bring potatoes and puddings, so we're just fobbing them off with our left over wedding cake. No, not really, we're making a strawberry and raspberry concoction from a recipe of Mum's, and also we bought a banoffee pie.

Feeling decadent this afternoon, so we're having bucks fizz before our tea, with wedding gift champagne. Off later to the Harbour area on a pub crawl, as a trial run for Deano's birthday celebrations. Tomorrow, as well as the barbie I'll be off to Homebase to get DIY tools and fixatives. We got a dart board and cabinet as a wedding gift from our best bridesmaid that needs some manly skills to put up.

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