Blog2007 ≫ What rugby?

You forgot to bless the boot1 didn't you... A good game anyway, and we did well to get to the final. Perhaps an iffy decision on that disallowed try, but perhaps not.

A good day yesterday too, just for a change we had lunch in Wagamama in Canterbury, bought some food and some wine in the Goods Shed and Canterbury Wholefoods and took it to the bro-in-law's house for his birthday. Had a great meal and a great time, despite the rugby result.

We were thinking of going to the cinema today to see Stardust2 but couldn't be bothered in the end, so went down to the beach and for a mighty walk around Folkestone. I didn't realise until today that the dodgy bits of Folkestone are far bigger than the nice bit where we live, so that explains why the town has a bit of a reputation. Even what I would call the bad side of town is interesting in it's own way, it's just that the housing is a bit more crammed in over there.

Updated Clare's PSP today, because I wanted to see Gordon Ramsay's recipe videos3 (From The Times), it's now all video-podcasted up and is great. Where do I go for video podcasts4 then, that are any good? They all seem to be short promo clips and not actually updated very often, so not really podcasts at all... Off to see if podcast.com5 is all Kosso says it is...

💬 Bah !

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