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Loving this, instant html validation in firefox1, an extension that lets you know if the page you're on has errors / warnings, see:

[nope lost this image]

This page has none! That's how it should be and that's what that little W3C XHTML badge23 is all about too - before I installed this extension I'd go off to that page2 to see how I was doing. That'd be my first port of call when testing someone else's page too, it seems very very fussy at first, but it's proper handy, and great to know you're doing something right.

In case you're a) still awake and b) interested, to make my webbing life easier. If you get the firefox mass extension installer then you can point it at that URL4 and install all the same things I've got.

Today, very very foggy again at home, but bright and sunny by the time we got to London. Didn't sleep so well on the train, it seemed busier than usual, I think we're getting a few more commuters on our train each day... is it time for me to start complaining about the dreadful rat race and dreaming of a life even further from the cosmopolis? I have some green fingered fun to look forward to this weekend, I have revived last year's chilli plant. Everyone said chuck it away at the end of the summer, they die off and that's that. This one still had one lone chilli hanging on well into winter so I kept it around, then last month I noticed new growth on it, buds and flowers, which will turn into chillis. Also I half heartedly scattered some seeds in a pot, and they're sprouting now, so I will re-pot them and start my own wee chilli farm.

Aaah yeah, while I'm bragging about everything I've got (fresh chillis, green fingers, new sofa on the way) this is a good time to drop in that I got a letter from the Inland Revenue. And it says they just rebated me two hundred and sixty quid! Don't be afraid of your tax return, it won't always be bad!

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