Blog2007 ≫ Some shopping

Just went to Bluewater to try and get a telly for the kitchen (but no-one wanted to swap, hoho) and a new coat for Clare. BUT, the telly we had seen online1 didn't look nearly as good in the flesh, and all the others that did were more than we were thinking of spending, so we came back for a rethink.

Had a lovely lunch in [fg]Pizza Express[/fg] and...

... and that's where I found this half written post this morning, we went out again in a bit of a hurry. We were heading to Dover and there was a big gap between trains. We brought in some tea with us from Carluccio's that was very good indeed too, that would be a great way to cheat if you were making dinner for someone.

Dover was much better than I remembered, most of the pubs were a bit quiet, but one place was so good we've booked in there for dinner next Saturday. It's Blakes, a little cellar bar / restaurant / guest house that Clare found on Absolutely recommended, looking forward to going back, they're going to adapt something for me, and Clare's going for a steak after she heard another diner there raving about them.

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