Blog2005 ≫ Exciting things to do today

Just a reminder for me really, Guess I could have written this on a post it and stuck it to my monitor...

Had an evening of self assembly yesterday, the new furniture we bought from Habitat is oak, and really nice, but comes in a million billion pieces, and it's HARD WORK putting it together. Glad we only got two bits, as even though we need more, next time I'm buying it second hand (and fully assembled) on ebay... there are a couple of similar bits there already2, and a wardrobe sold for about half the price recently. Oof, this could be a bargain3, and would make a nicer looking desk than the one I just bought :-(

Good night for TV tonight, if you like the crappy lifestyle stuff that I do - Grand Designs, River Cottage, and Jamie Oliver... will we find the time to finish LOST? Hmm, sure I'll have to trade at least one of those shows for a quiz with my lovely wife...

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